Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Feature: Transdisciplinary Model and Early Intervention: Building Collaborative Relationships

Reviewing the EI SIG survey responses, it became clear that there are a lot of questions around teaming. In this Friday Feature we are sharing this Young Exceptional Children article by Boyer and Thompson (2014): Transdisciplinary Model and Early Intervention: Building Collaborative Relationships

One of the questions we hear often is on role release. It’s a term we hear a lot – but how does it really happen?

Role release does not happen overnight. This article summarizes the “key elements leading to role release” in Table 2: Role extension, role enrichment, role expansion, role exchange, and role support. 

Questions for reflection (please share your thoughts in the comments section below):

To what extent do you and your team members…
  • Become more educated about own discipline (role extension)?
  • Learn more about other disciplines (role enrichment)
  • Share ideas with each other (role expansion)?
  • Implement integrated intervention or assessment plans (role exchange)?
  • Consult regularly to monitor implementation (role support)?
(Boyer & Thompson, 2014, p. 21)

See more at…/abs/10.1177/1096250613493446…

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