Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Feature: Building Family Capacity


The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center's Family Capacity-Building Online Module

What does it mean to build family capacity, and how do we do it? 

What do you currently do to support parents and caregivers in implementing intervention between our visits, within their naturally occurring routines and activities?

See this online module to learn more!

Here's the description from the ECTA Center:

This online module:
  • introduces family capacity-building to practitioners and service providers,
  • explains the steps of introducing new practices to parents and families,
  • includes short video excerpts demonstrating family capacity-building,
  • checks a learner's knowledge understanding through a variety of interactive formats, and;
  • includes a family capacity-building checklist for self-assessment or planning home visits.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Part C funding

This chart from the ECTA Center illustrates how funding for Part C has decreased, while the number of children being served is increasing.

Have you seen/felt the direct impact of funding cuts in your work in EI? How has it impacted you as a professional? As a program? How has it impacted the children and families with whom you work?

As the $ per child goes down, and the number of children served in Part C goes up, how do we ensure high-quality services for families of infants and toddlers in Early Intervention?

How can we advocate for increased funding for Part C?

It's a million-dollar question, pun intended...

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Feature: Recommended Practices Modules

To what extent does the DEC Recommended Practices guide your work in EI?

Which specific RPs are you routinely able to implement?

Do you experience any challenges in implementing the DEC Recommended Practices? 

Here's a resource for today's #FridayFeature:

Early Childhood Recommended Practice Modules (RPMs) are free modules developed for early care and education, early intervention, and early childhood special education faculty and professional development providers. The modules support the implementation of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices. This page also links to a resource library of audio clips,
handouts, and activities related to the DEC Recommended Practices.

Telepractice Resources

Many DEC Early Intervention Community of Practice (CoP) members have asked for telepractice resources as temporary changes in how we provide...