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The practitioner journal of DEC

DEC members receive JEI and YEC journals in the mail and can access articles online for free. Please note that when we feature or summarize an article on this blog, we are unable to post the entire article here due to copyright restrictions. If you are not a member, a few options include:
  • Public library database
  • University/college library database
  • Your agency might have an organizational subscription to the journal
  •  Your supervisor or administrator might be a member of the Council for Exceptional Children or Division for Early Childhood

That said, we highly recommend membership to DEC. As DEC is one of the divisions of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), you will need a CEC membership and then select DEC as your division on the application. There are many other divisions under CEC based on your area(s) of interest.

If your state has a subdivision of DEC, membership to DEC means you automatically are a member of your state subdivision. Check here to see if your state has an active subdivision.

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